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The Importance of Diabetic Footwear

Proper shoe wear, shoe fit and foot care are essential for a diabetic who develops peripheral neuropathy and has poor circulation in the legs and feet.

Lack of sensation in the feet prevents the diabetic from feeling pain which makes the feet vulnerable to foot injuries as well as deformities. Lack of sufficient circulation slows down the healing of injuries. If not treated properly and on time, these minor injuries can develop into more serious foot and leg problems such as infections, ulcers, deformities, gangrene and in the worst case, amputation.

Preventative Measures 
In this case prove to be very effective in eliminating many of the serious foot problems a person with diabetic feet is vulnerable to developing.Wearing properly fitted shoes at all times therefore, is a priority for a person who has diabetic feet, whereas improper and ill fitting shoes lead to complications and grave consequences.

The Good News
Is that Medicare and most insurance companies created a prevention program which will often partially or fully cover diabetic footwear and accessories. By reducing critical injuries and preventing calluses and ulcerations that can trigger and may lead to gangrene and or amputation, prolonged hospitalizations are greatly decreased, and it is therefore a solution which is beneficial for all!

A Certified Pedorthist can help acquire and maintain a proper shoe fit, specially catered to and crafted for diabetic feet. In order to accurately accommodate a given foot problem, an individual may require some or all of the footwear parts and or braces to be Custom Made.

When properly made and fitted by a Certified Pedorthist, diabetic footwear will not only help prevent injuries but will also help improve gait, posture, walking ability and endurance which in turn stimulates healthycirculation in the legs and feet, improving the condition of diabetic feet!

At Teitelbaum Pedorthic we are committed to provide you with quality and dedicated service! One of our specialists willexamine, measure, assess and take a mold of your feet in order to provide the most optimal fit with custom made diabetic shoes, custom insoles/arches/orthotics or any bracing support you mayneed custom made or otherwise, to help protect your feet and your future!

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