Square Forefoot

Square Forefoot

A square forefoot is one that does not have the normal flex point from the 1st metatarsal head (big toe) to the 5th metatarsal head (little toe). Normally the 5th met head is 10 degrees lower than the 1st. 
All other foot dynamics suffer when this 10% angle is missing. Proper shoe fitting and shoe availability also is problematic for those with a square forefoot.

Other names or similar foot conditions:

  • Oblique foot


  • Calluses on forefoot
  • Corns from ill fitting shoes
  • Metatarsal and/or toe pain

Signs to look for:

  • Calluses on forefoot
  • Corns from ill fitting shoes

Possible Causes:

  • Heredity


  • Reduce pressure on forefoot
  • Improve gait
  • Control foot motion
  • Reduce and eliminate callusing
  • Shoe with adequate forefoot room
  • Heel height that won’t put more pressure on the forefoot

Arch Supports:

  • Bio-Orthotics Winstep or Sundance exercising support with metatarsal lift
  • Lower and thinner arch support with longitudinal and metatarsal support, such as the Bio-Orthotics Journey or Silhouette, for use when shoes cannot accommodate the Winstep or Sundance exercising support


  • Extra depth shoe with firm heel counter, oblique toe box and low heel
  • MBT physiological footwear with straight last
  • Wear heels and pumps only as long as absolutely necessary


  • Toe cushioning and straightening devices, such as toe separators, toe straighteners, toe gel caps, toe crests, etc.
  • Spot stretching of shoe
  • Regular callus filing with pumice device (leave the cutting of calluses to a physician only)
  • Regular skin care program to include exfoliating and moisturizing